This device is worn by a child and connected to an adults smartphone and helps parents keep track of their children. This essentially works like an electronic harness, great for slightly older kids/toddlers or parents who don't want to use a harness/ backpack leash for kids. 

How it works: 

- This device works via bluetooth. Connecting the device and a smartphone, using the free KIDMIA app available on both android and apple. 

- Calling - Kids just press the nose on the device and the connected smart phone will ring. Parents - just press the call button on the app and the device will sound. 

- Distance detection - set the maximum distance you want your child to play - between 5 and 50 M , if your child moves further than this set distance, your smartphone will ring and you will get a notification, the device has moved outside the set zone. 


- Set moving distance between 5 and 50 meters 

- Two-way calling - parent can call child from smart phone, and child can call parent from device. 

- Movement detection - if there is no movement of the device for more than 2 minutes then your smart phone will ring.  

-Not suitable for kids under 3 years - due to small parts. 

-You can turn any of these features on and off. 

-Full information and instruction manual included

-Will show gps location of device on your smartphone when turned on. 

-90db alarm on device. 

-Could also be worn around the neck. 


- You can manage up to 10 devices at the same time, and you can add a photo and name to each device on your phone. This helps distinguish between which device corresponds to which kid.

-A great way to keep your kids safe. 

Keep track of your kids in busy areas or parks , such as malls, playgrounds, parks. 

- This can replace a physical kids harness, great for older kids 

-Comes with a spare battery 

Not suitable for kids under 3 years due to small parts. 

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Child Safety Tracker Device - Kidmia

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